Yuriy Chyrka, Ph.D.
Office Address:
Acad. G.Bonchev Str., bl.25 A, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
(+38 097) 325 0050
(+359 2) 870 72 73


  • Nov.2011- Oct.2014
  • Degree - Ph.D

    Specialty - Radiotechnical and television systems

    Thesis title - Robust methods and algorithms of radar signals parameters estimation.

    Name of Organization - Aviation Radioelectronics Complexes Department, National Aviation University

  • Sept.2005-Feb.2011
  • Degree - Master

    Specialty - Research Engineer in Control Systems and Automatics

    Faculty - Control Systems

    University - National Aviation University

    Adv. Sci. Training - Studying at Modern Technology Institute at National Aviation University jointly with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Sept.2007- Feb.2011)


  • January 2015 - up to present
  • Current Positon - Postdoctoral Fellow

    Research Field - Acoustic Imaging

    Name of Project - AcomIn: Advanced Computing for Innovation

    Name of Organization - Department of Mathematical Methods for Sensor Information Processing, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

  • November 2007 - December 2013
  • Latest Position - Reserach Fellow

    Research Field - Signal Processing of radar data, narrowband signal parameters estimation

    Name of Organization - Aviation Radioelectronics Complexes Department, National Aviation University


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